Cabin Crew's Health

EurECCA wishes to review the latest scientific evidence regarding the relationships between working conditions and health. This report analyses the long-term effects of a number of risk factors, with a focus on cabin crews' specific risk factors and work conditions.

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The European Commission is carrying out an ex-post evaluation of Regulation No 1008/2008 on common rules for the operation of air services in the Community.
Regulation No 1008/2008 (‘Air Services Regulation’) is the basic legal act organising the EU internal aviation market. It consolidated and improved on various packages of measures which have established the EU internal aviation market as of 1987.

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Since the appearance of commercial aviation the functions of Cabin Crew have been increased with many more functions and responsibilities, perhaps today the most visible function of a flight attendant may seem the attention of the passengers, such as accommodate people in their seats, help them with luggage or any other need when they have taken a seat, including the food and beverage service. However, the most important task of Cabin Crew is to be aware of the safety and security of all passengers.

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